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New Perspective of “Running Away” from Silver Spoon

One of my favorite mangas is “Gin no Saji” or Silver Spoon. Anime episodes and live action movie are good to watch too. Why do I like it? It contains good humor, interesting setting and deep messages. I want to share with every one some of good moments that cling on my mind. For summary, this manga is about a boy named Hachiken Yugo, a city boy from Sapporo. After failing to pass the entrance exams for the high school he plans to attend, Yugo decided to enroll at Ezo Agriculture High School instead (which is far from home and has dormitory), believing that an easier academic workload would leave him with more time to prepare for college exams. But his expectation of daily school life in agricultural school was completely wrong.

Favorite moment (“running away is one of what people could do to survive”)
*read it from right to left

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