Dreams are …

There is a quote from a webtoon creator/ author that I really like.

Journalists and office workers ask this question the most. As someone who has accomplished his dream, they ask me how I view them.
When I contemplate about it, I really wonder if I’ve accomplished a dream. The more I think abot it, I realize that this may not be true.

A dream isn’t about simply becoming a cartoonist, a scientist or a celebrity. These aren’t dreams. It’s about what you do in your position. I think that’s what a dream is. How a certain profession is fulfilled is more important than the profession itself.

I spent my 20s with so much yearning. I yearned excessively. I came to Seoul to draw as soon as I failed my college entrance exam. I went through rough patches and even slept on the streets. That’s how I lived. I somewhat had a desire for revenge. I was burned with a lot of anger. I was consumed with the thought of success. The cartoonist I dreamed of becoming was nice, humorous and cool. I dreamed of becoming an artist who produced great works. But the person I saw in the mirror was different from who my younger self envisioned. I realised that I became a monster. About being a cartoonist, I have to think about what words would describe me as a person.

I hope people will stop mistaking occupations for dreams. When ask children what their dreams are, I hope we don’t get an occupation for an answer. We should ask them what kind of person they want to be.

Yoon Tae Ho – MISAENG’s creator/author

What will you do once you’re successful?
‘Why do we want to do that?’ is what we need to ask ourselves. If you don’t have a real dream, you’ll fail the moment you succeed.

This is from Infinity Challenge episode 469.

I asked my pre-schooler niece what she want to do in the future and she answered “I want to be mom (her mom)”. My sister is a woman with strong character, she always has positive vibe on her. If someone did something bad on her, she would think positively “maybe she was on very bad mood”. I think this kind of character is what my niece to be when she grows old. My other niece (3rd grade elementary school student) has certain dream “I want to be an ob/gyn doctor (gynecologist)”. At first I thought that was a very cool, consistent, focused and great dream that she has since she was on 2nd grade. But now I am really curious, why she has such dream, is it a cool occupation? or she is simply want to help moms to deliver their babies? I will definitely ask her when I meet her later. And now the real question is what is my dream? what kind of person I want to be?

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