New Perspective of “Running Away” from Silver Spoon

One of my favorite mangas is “Gin no Saji” or Silver Spoon. Anime episodes and live action movie are good to watch too. Why do I like it? It contains good humor, interesting setting and deep messages. I want to share with every one some of good moments that cling on my mind. For summary, this manga is about a boy named Hachiken Yugo, a city boy from Sapporo. After failing to pass the entrance exams for the high school he plans to attend, Yugo decided to enroll at Ezo Agriculture High School instead (which is far from home and has dormitory), believing that an easier academic workload would leave him with more time to prepare for college exams. But his expectation of daily school life in agricultural school was completely wrong.

Favorite moment (“running away is one of what people could do to survive”)
*read it from right to left

screenshot-1425127098261 screenshot-1425127124551 screenshot-1425127138296 screenshot-1425527907157

what should those who cant run away do? ‘they have to learn to be stronger’

Gag moment

screenshot-1425075159156 screenshot-1425075176308 screenshot-1425075190568

Touching moment (quote about “making mistake” by grandma Mikage)

screenshot-1425075541191 screenshot-1425075573196

Failed “I am a Man” moment

screenshot-1425126471120 screenshot-1425126481212 screenshot-1425126505438
I am having hard time right now, and dealing with people is very difficult to me. Regret. Regret. And Regret. But those quotes from this manga are quite healing. “People make mistakes…”

I dont expect too much this manga will be sold here in Indonesian version because, you know, this kind of manga (agriculture theme) wont attract people here to read. IMO, Indonesian people prefer urban life style and they just view rural area as place to rest (vacation) then they have to back to the city (I really want to live in rural area!). But if this manga were here, I’ll definitely buy it!

O ya, the ending OST of second season anime was very good! I like other Goose House songs (especially cover songs) too.

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