Letters to my self

I wrote some letters to my self years ago. Surprisingly, its always comfort me. Maybe because I always find it when I face big trouble (actually its always): questioning future. First letter I wrote in 2006, my senior year of high school.


Second letter I wrote in 2012, when I graduated from college and was having obstacle on my final project.


What I have in my diary isn’t far from above:

When I had regret and sad moment:

When I was sad why I couldn’t find love (until now):

Embarrasing, lame, childish, but when I think about it know, that was the way I could overcome all my weak feelings. Now, I will write once again; letter to my self, so the future me can be stronger when life getting harder. So I can understand my self. Sorry for my ugly english.
Btw, I read about my dream in the diary. I was always want to do travelling, in some pages I wrote that I wanted to be a tour guide.

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