Drama Quotes

Proposal Edition


“I don’t want to send you either.
But I want to show you a bigger world.
You said that becoming a barista is your first dream that you want to make come true.
If you’re going to become a barista, become the best.
I don’t want you to give up something because you love me.
I hope that I can be of strength to you, and you’ll be able to advance.
We may be separated now,
But later, much later,
when you first pickle radish,
when you hold the hand of your first child,
when you become a student’s parent,
when you marry off your kids,
I’ll always be by your side.
Even though it may be hard while we’re apart,
Let’s endure it.”

-Coffee Prince, when a man send off his girl to catch her dream in Italy-


[MAN] If you want to run away, do it now. Because later you won’t have a chance.
[WOMAN] What do you mean?
[MAN] I’ve decided to become your husband.
[WOMAN] Who said so?
[MAN] I said it just now.
You only have ten more minutes until you become a married woman.
Anything else you want to do?
[WOMAN] Bad guy. Not much saying things like “I love you”, and turning me into a married woman..
[MAN] Why would I say something like that?
It’s not because I love you. It’s because I love ONLY you. I have no other choice in the matter, you amazing woman.

-Secret Garden-


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